• Managing more than one sugar daddy arrangement at the same time is stressful

    How Many Sugar Daddies Can I Have?

    2. February 2020 msdredaktion

    Young women who are new to the sugar dating scene often wonder how exclusive these arrangements tend to be. Many aspiring sugar babies ask themselves, ”How many sugar daddies can I have?“ before they even go on their first date. How many sugar daddies can I have if I am young and attractive? You are…

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  • The secret life of a sugar baby is often hidden from friends and family

    The Secret Life of a Sugar Baby

    11. January 2020 msdredaktion

    A lot of the women going out with older men find themselves in a complicated situation when it comes to managing private life and dating. The reasons why these women hesitate to introduce their sugar daddies into their social circle are quite diverse, though. Let’s take a closer look at the secret life of a…

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  • Spoiled by Sugar Daddy - the top 5 luxury gifts

    Spoiled by Sugar Daddy

    14. December 2019 msdredaktion

    Successful sugar babies often brag about being spoiled by sugar daddy when they tell others about their lifestyle. Naturally, going out on dates with men who are both rich and generous comes with some nice rewards. When there are no financial boundaries on a date, it is easy to splurge and be a bit excessive.…

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  • Some Sugar Daddies invite their dates on a luxury holiday

    Dating a Sugar Baby

    22. November 2019 msdredaktion

    When successful businessmen consider dating a sugar baby, this is often not because they are unsuccessful with dating in general. The decision to go on dates with younger women is usually not born out of frustration with relationships. Many successful businessmen are simply too stressed and tied up in work to even find the time…

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